Quality Assurance of Testing Services

DPI Laboratory (DPI Laboratory Services Limited. and DPI Laboratory (Dongguan) Limited) is the independent laboratories with international recognition. We insist a strict and high standards of impartiality and professionalism. Our services and programs are derived from the requirements of the standards and international requirements of laboratory operation. . DPI laboratory is assessed regularly by domestic and international accreditation bodies, including ANSI-ASQ-National Accreditation Board ACLASS (United States) and CNAS (China). We are also member of ANSI and ASTM.

DPI emphases the "fair, scientific and efficient" service, which established from a foundation of professional testing techniques and latest technological advanced equipment which are the most powerful to ensure our services delivered and the quality of your products complying with all laws and regulations, directives and specifications. We provide the comprehensive services to different industries and consumers in strict accordance with common international system of laboratories ISO / IEC 17025 and other quality criteria for product certification, audit operation.

Technical Competence
DPI Laboratory emphases a strong technical competence in line with international standards which to promise our service is reliable and trustable. We are one of the active participants of international proficiency test program including UK LGC Toytest PT program. DPI also organizes the frequent interlab correlations with other well-known commercial laboratories and other national science institutes in quarterly basis to ensure our technical competence.
For details of LGC-Toytest Proficiency Test Program, please visit http://www.lgcpt.com/products.aspx

To provide the most updated and appropriate assessment and interpretation of product, DPI Lab establishes the links with EU and US government agencies and associations to update the international standards, latest product safety laws and directives and industrial practice everyday.