Transit Test

International Safe Transit Association is an organization focused on the specific concerns of transport packaging, and ISTA test procedures define how packages should perform to ensure protection of their contents. Use of ISTA test procedures reduces risks in the transport environment and increases confidence in the safe delivery of a tested packaged-product. ISTA pioneered the concept of package performance testing and certification 60 years ago and today their test procedures and certification programs are at the forefront of Transport Packaging. ISTA members include shippers who manufacture and distribute products, carriers who provide the distribution means, organizations that supply packaging materials and services, and testing laboratories that perform packaged-product performance tests.
ISTA helps members control costs, damage, and resources during the distribution of packaged-products by
  • Creating and publishing packaged-product test procedures
  • Certifying packaging laboratories, packaged-products and professionals
  • Providing education, training, and support
DPI laboratory transit test program includes:
  • Drop Test
  • Vibration Test
DPI is a full member and certified laboratory of ISTA (Member No.: ST-9499) with an issuance of ISTA testing services and reports

DPI Laboratory’s Accreditations
Most of our chemical, food, toys, cosmetics and environmental tests are accredited by China National Accreditation Board (CNAS) and the American ANSI-ASQ-National Accreditation Board ACLASS (ACLASS) and International Safe Transit Association (ISTA). Our toys and porcelain, glassware tests are recognized by the well-known global enterprises as their certified laboratories