DPI Introduction


The testing centre of DPI Laboratory is currently located at Dongguan, China, which accommodates 7,000 sq.ft in floor area and affords state-of-the-art facilities such as:

  • Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (LC/MS/MS)
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma - Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP - OES)
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS)
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS)
  • Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS)
  • Gas Chromatograph-Double Mass Spectrometer System
  • UV-Vis Spectrometer (UV-Vis)
  • Infra Red Spectrometer (IR)
  • Environmental Conditioning Test Room

A broad spectrum of laboratory tests including chemical analytical tests, physical and durability tests, as well as product risk assessment are offered to DPI customers and community. As integrated international testing and certification institute, DPI Laboratory consists the following operational and services units to help you in the areas of product and system compliance:

  • Chemical Laboratory
  • Toy Laboratory
  • Physics Laboratory
  • Transit and Packaging Test Laboratory
  • Calibration Laboratory
  • Customer Service
  • Research & Development
  • Quality Assurance

Committing ourselves with an aspiration to become our clients' trusted partner in achieving product integrity along the supply chain; while rooting down into the aspiration, it is the provision of independent, fast, comprehensive and internationally accredited laboratory testing on both incoming materials and final products on the following aspects.

  • Testing services meet the domestic and international market requirements and standards
  • Specific product certification program
  • Risk assessment
  • Service and proposal to reduce the risk impact of products

DPI Laboratory is the accredited or certified laboratory of the following accreditation bodies:

  • Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
  • ANSI-ASQ-National Accreditation Board ACLASS (ACLASS)
  • China National Accreditation Board (CNAS)
  • International Safe Transit Association (ISTA)

DPI laboratory conduct tests in accordance with international standards which covering the US and EU lawful test standards and directives for toy, packaging and general consumer goods; including but not limited to EN-71 Part 1, 2 & 3, CPSIA, ASTM F963, CONEG (94/62/EC and 91/338/EC), Restricted Use of Phthalates, RoHS and FDA food additive requirements ; while the physical tests comply with ASTM and ISO series, ISTA test procedures, GB standards etc.

In additions to the testing services, DPI also provides to the advisory services for the most updated safety requirements and their applications.